We’re a group of ghost hunters ready to dive into the unknown. With cool gadgets and a love for all things spooky, we explore haunted places and share our adventures. Meet the crew that brings you face-to-face with the paranormal!


Position: Director

Believer?: On the Fence

Favourite Sessions: Ouija Boards 

Favourite Location: Matlock Pavilion

Preferred tool: Dowsing Rods


Position: Director

Believer?: On the Fence / Believer

Favourite Sessions: Glass Divination  

Favourite Location: Antwerp

Preferred tool: SLS Camera


Position: Director

Believer?: Believer

Favourite Sessions: Cat balls

Favourite Location: Strelley Hall

Paranormal investigator and technical expert always looking for answers and not afraid to take the investigation to places others fear to go.

Who are we

We established MJL Paranormal with the aim of delivering an authentic and sincere encounter, placing emphasis on offering guests a personalized journey. Our commitment involves limiting event attendance to maintain an intimate atmosphere and allocating ample free time for guests to explore with equipment and create their own unique encounters. We strive to keep expenses minimal and continuously seek out new venues. Embracing diverse beliefs, we adamantly reject any attempts to impose or influence a specific ideology. Our pricing structure is designed to ensure sustainability for both our team and our guests, reflecting our dedication as ordinary individuals to deliver the utmost in paranormal exploration.