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Strelley Hall

Strelley Hall, a centuries-old mansion in Nottinghamshire, holds a storied past steeped in history, from its medieval origins to its prominence in the Tudor period and beyond.

The Grand Pavilion

Explore The Grand Pavilion in Matlock, a historic venue with a rich past of opulent events and hidden tragedies. Its dimly lit hallways hold untold stories from bygone eras.

Bakewell Old House

Dare to explore Bakewell Old House on a ghost hunt adventure! With cutting-edge gear, uncover the secrets of its haunted past. Join us for a spine-tingling experience

Herbert Strutt School

Herbert Strutt School in Belper, built on an ancient burial ground, is haunted by spectral activity and rumoured malevolence, drawing curiosity seekers to its eerie halls.

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