Lockoford Inn – Tapton 18th of October 8pm – 2am


Welcome to the Lockoford Inn in Tapton, Chesterfield, where history whispers through the creaking floorboards and shadows dance in the flickering candlelight. This ancient inn, shrouded in mystery and cloaked in tales of centuries past, beckons brave souls to uncover its secrets in the dead of night.

  1. Eerie Origins: Step into the mists of time, where the Lockoford Inn materialized in the 18th century, a dark outpost along the desolate roads between Chesterfield and Sheffield. It stood as a solitary sentinel, offering sanctuary to weary travelers amidst the haunting moors.
  2. Spectral Coaching Inn: Hearken back to an age when horse-drawn carriages clattered along the cobblestone, and the inn echoed with the hoofbeats of spectral steeds. Here, lost souls halted to swap tales and swap horses, unaware of the otherworldly presences lurking in the shadows.
  3. Ghostly Community Hub: Through the veil of time, the Lockoford Inn emerges as a ghostly gathering place, where the living mingled with the dead. Phantoms whispered secrets in darkened corners, and specters convened for otherworldly meetings that transcended mortal understanding.
  4. Industrial Haunting: As the Industrial Revolution swept through the land like a spectral fog, the inn stood witness to the rise of machines and the fall of humanity. Ghostly workers toiled in the depths of the night, their ethereal forms haunting the abandoned corridors of industry.
  5. Shifting Realities: Like a ghost ship adrift in the sea of time, the Lockoford Inn weathered the tempests of change, its spectral inhabitants adapting to the shifting tides of history. Through wars and revolutions, the inn remained a steadfast beacon, its secrets buried deep within its ancient walls.
  6. Haunted Heritage: In the eerie glow of moonlight, the Lockoford Inn stands as a testament to the spirits of the past, a spectral monument to bygone days. Efforts to preserve its haunted legacy only serve to deepen the mystery, as brave souls venture forth to unlock the secrets of its spectral halls.

And amidst the whispers of the wind and the rustling of the leaves, the tale takes a chilling turn—a hidden priest hole, a relic of a darker time, concealed within the inn’s ancient confines. Dare you brave the depths of the Lockoford Inn, where restless spirits and haunted history await? Enter if you dare, but beware—the shadows hold secrets best left undisturbed, and the ghosts of the past never rest in peace.

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Whats Included 

  • Light refreshments (Tea & Coffee)
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment
  • A guided tour of the house
  • Guided vigils
  • Time to explore alone
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own drinks, snacks and ghost hunting equipment.

Event information

  • Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the event starts.
  • All guests must be over the age of 18 to attend.
  • Guests must wear suitable footwear and clothing, areas of the building has no heating and gets very cold.
  • All guests must bring their own torch.
  • We do not hold any responsibility for any damage caused to personal equipment brought by guests.
  • Not Suitable for pregnant guests.
  • We do not play tricks or fake any activity, anything that you experience is authentic.

Filming and Photography:

Filming and photography is acceptable. (Policy to be reviewed and agreed)


Free on site carpark


Lockoford Inn is suitable for wheelchair access but may include interior stairs to be included in the full investigation.


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