Staveley Hall 9th of November 8pm- 2am


Staveley Hall, an architectural gem from the Jacobean era, has been home to numerous notable families and has played a significant role in the local history of Chesterfield. The hall was originally constructed for the influential Frecheville family, and its halls have echoed with the footsteps of many generations since.

Over the centuries, Staveley Hall has been a silent witness to numerous historical events and personal dramas. During the English Civil War, the hall was occupied by Parliamentarian forces, leaving behind tales of battle and bloodshed. Later, it became a private residence and then a community building, each chapter adding layers to its rich history.

Ghostly Legends and Eerie Encounters:

Staveley Hall is not just a historical landmark but also a hotspot for paranormal activity. Many have reported strange occurrences within its walls, leading to its reputation as one of the most haunted locations in Chesterfield.

  • The White Lady: One of the hall’s most famous apparitions is the White Lady, believed to be the spirit of a young woman who met a tragic end on the grounds. Sightings of her spectral figure have been reported in the gardens and near the old well, where she is said to wander, searching for peace.
  • The Phantom Soldier: Tied to its Civil War past, the ghost of a soldier has been seen patrolling the grounds. Clad in period attire, this restless spirit is thought to be a remnant of the hall’s turbulent wartime history.
  • The Mysterious Child: Visitors and staff have reported hearing the laughter and footsteps of a child in the upper rooms, despite no children being present. Some believe this could be the ghost of a young member of the Frecheville family who died of illness.
  • Poltergeist Activity: In the darkened corners of the cellar and attic, numerous guests have experienced unexplained cold spots, objects moving on their own, and disembodied whispers.

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Whats Included 

  • Light refreshments (Tea & Coffee)
  • Use of ghost hunting equipment
  • A guided tour of the house
  • Guided vigils
  • Time to explore alone
  • Guests are welcome to bring their own drinks, snacks and ghost hunting equipment.

Event information

  • Please arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the event starts.
  • All guests must be over the age of 18 to attend.
  • Guests must wear suitable footwear and clothing, areas of the building has no heating and gets very cold.
  • All guests must bring their own torch.
  • We do not hold any responsibility for any damage caused to personal equipment brought by guests.
  • Not Suitable for pregnant guests.
  • We do not play tricks or fake any activity, anything that you experience is authentic.

Filming and Photography:

Filming and photography is acceptable. (Policy to be reviewed and agreed)


Free on site carpark


Parking is located on site. Site has numerous stair cases with no lift accessibility


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